Saturday, January 28, 2012

knittin' "Mason-Dixon KNitting Outside the Lines :-)

WOW, my hands hurt.LOL
I knit three  cotton towels that button over the oven handle .
The first one I knit according to the pattern in the Mason-Dixon book..
LOVE that book.. ck it out at the libr. & see if it's one you'd like to have in Your Libr.
I know I would ......(HINT for B-day ) I just knit it with yarn on hand .
Actually taken from Gracie's stash :-) SHHHHHHH..

My second one I chged it up a bit , co on fewer stitches & had to chge to a
an 8 towards the end. ( broke my 7 N ! Cotton does NOT stretch .. LOL..)
Casting on fewer stitches gave me a towel just about 2 inches smaller.
not sure I wanted it that much smaller.

SO on to towel three : (Red one )
co with size 8 N still 10 stitches less . which made the towel slightly larger
& only an inch or so smaller then the original.
In the original she knit stockenet & garter. I'm in too big a hurry , so knit every
stitch : garter .

Again, GREAT BOOK..:
 'Mason- Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines'.
certainly well worth your time :-) "with stories , true confessions & tricky bits".

Sorry for the poor pic , but you get the idea :-)

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