Thursday, December 29, 2011

How are you ?


how are you ?

Just wanted to say ..I sold my first item on Etsy .. YEA !
I do feel somewhat sorry for the buyer . she was so sweet & I messed up !
note to self , before offering PayPal as your ONLY option for payment.
Please make sure you have the correct eml addy listed ,,
yea.. it was a bummer. Sonja, the buyer , did not get the apron by Christmas .
UGH &*^^**)!

Anyway. lessons learned.

I wanted to let you know I am going to be adding More bags & knitted baby hats to my etsy store within the next 2 weeks.
please favorite my shop  & Follow my blog(S) to stay up to date.

MY God Continue to Bless you in the coming year. Let's make it all about Christ this year :-)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

mascot found :-)


DD Grace & I went shopping today ..course we had to buy house hold stuff like Chicken 'fluff' ( pine shavings for Cken coop ) & cat food.. you know the unfun stuff. 
fun stuff was the 5 hens hubby picked up today from a friend at work.
aw.. they are just SO cute.. fat , round & curious ..Our only hen, Somebody, wasn't sure what they were all about ,, LOL. I let her into the coop & kept the 3 roos out.
somebody stopped at the coop door , the 5 new hens walked over to the door & looked her over too..
LOL.. I think SB was thinking, WOW.I hope their not ALL roos ! LOL.. pretty soon , with the door shut, the hens started talking amongst themselves :_) course Somebody's Roo : Troy , was not happy.. he dashed round the coop & jumped in the yard & back out.. poor ole roo..
The other two beautiful roosters will be culled soon. they just fight too much for comfort.
besides.. it will be nice to just have 6 hens & ONE roo for a change.

On to shopping story .
grace & I stopped a semi-local shop that is just SO beautiful ! my goodness ! We felt like queens LOL. Everything sparkled & the owner was SO nice . I told her I had driven by for Years , and today I said We're stopping ! & boy were we glad we did.. she was very , very welcoming & glad we stopped, wished us a MERRY CHRISTMAS !! YEA !!  & we even had a small cup of spiced cider.. yum.. YOU know we will shop there again & again :-)

that is the main difference between a small town shop & the local wally world !
there is a place for super stores, but don't make it your ONLY shopping stop.
rather, then teach your kids that shopping is not all about running around & just slamming through a store , teach them neighborly visiting  & slow down , enjoy once in a while .

Please , if you can, stop by the little shops. let them know how glad you are that they are there.

Ok.. The Bothered Sheep ! I love that name.. & someday when I have my own shop , I will name it The Bothered sheep.. well today I found my mascot .. it was a fluffy sheep with long wooden legs & tennis shoes ! LOL.  I would say he is on my buy-in-Jan. list for sure :-)

well enough blabbing from me.
God Bless ! and MERRY CHRISTMAS..
now go relax & enjoy a cup of cocoa or a glass of wine..


yea..  My first item has sold in my Etsy shop :-)

it was the half apron .. so cute.
waiting for confirm from PayPal..


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Latest ship date ?
I'm thinking Dec. 20th .. to get the item BY Christmas? !

I will continue to ship every Wed & Friday Always .

thinking of New years?
Birthday Gifts ?

more items will be listed every week after Christmas :-)
I'm not going anywhere .. LOL

Good Day :-)

I will be adding more items today .. knit cute baby hats & hand felted pot holders.
Please sign up to get the latest .

Also be sure & ck the older pages .. You don't want to miss something :-)


Monday, November 28, 2011

 This bag is another cut from a denim jumper.. I added a sequin "pin"on the outside pocket .There is a plain pocket inside also . FULLY Lined with a light pink fabric.
I JUST washed this before the pix was taken. so the bottom looks a bit darker then it really is.
It measures : 13 " across the bottom , 20 " tall.
with side openings of 10 inches on each side :-)
$20.00 .. shipping  : $ 4.00 .

please eml ( ) me if you need more info.
I like using  these bags for knitting on the go. the handle makes it perfect for carrying on your arm with the yarn inside safely carried along as you knit your sock or other take along project :-)
'button' on upper edge of pocket .

a darling apron ! it will brighten your day :-)

a Lovely gathered Woman's apron.
ck out the close up .. don't you just love that design ? LOL I thought this was a very "happy" fabric when I purchased it . see what you think.

Size 19: across the band.. & 19 inches in length.
Price: 18.00 .. free shipping on cyber monday :-)
Shipping other days : 4.00 .

isn't that a HAPPY fabric :_)

completely finished tulip edges

have any questions , please eml me.
I accept paypal..


Mommie & ME ! aprons listed ! yea :-)

Wouldn't you & your daughter look so cute in these matching aprons ?
Mommie & ME ! as you can see they are a mirrored image .
beautiful tulip edging

mommie apron.

fully Lined.. makes for super nice edges :-)
Both have working pockets on the front ^ generous ties for closure . 

Mommie size : 28 " from button band to bottom edge.
width  across the middle 14 "..( where the ties are .)

Daughters: 18" from top of button band to edge.
width across the middle 10 ".

Priced at $42.00 ..
please eml me with any questions.
I accept paypal..


Framed 'family' :-)

Fabric insert lettering :-)
wouldn't this look great in your family room :-)

frame size : 31 inches long by 10 inches tall..
black wood frame.. 
soft green background.

Sale price 25.00 .. 1/2 price shipping........ 5.00


angora lace shawl with beading


This was a labor of love.. it is the SOFTEST shawl you will ever wear. 
even tho it is super light, it stays on your shoulders nicely & is super warm.
(natural fibers always are :-)
the beading around the edges is done by hand after the shawl was completed. hand wash cool water.  air dry flat. 
The simple yet elegant shawl measures: 48 x 31 inches.
simply tho it on over a nice blouse or a t-shirt.. it makes anything you wear look marvelous :-)

light weight beading , adds SO much to the  shawl.

55.00 plus 2.00 shipping. 
FREE shipping Cyber Monday :-)
please contact me for more photos  or to purchase:-)



Also ,. buy TWO  hot pad/ pot holders & get a 1.00 off PLUS FREE SHIPPING :-)

more items posted soon :-)

enjoy Cyber Monday ladies !

Lisa Lynn

project bag / purse , you decide :-) & a sneak peak .


Gathering shots of my Mommie & ME ! aprons.. will post asap:-)
Here is a sneak pic. :-) ( Don't ya just love the high heels & Purses.. the child's apron is exactly the same , won't mom & daughter look cute baking Christmas cookies :-)?

I also have a Wonderful recycled : from a denim jumper , what I call A Project Bag.. but it could be a purse also.. what do you think ? I'm asking 20.00 with FREE Shipping today :-)
Fully  lined in a light pink fabric.
I esp love the fussy cut butterflies on the front .
size : 13 1/2 X 17 1/4 inches.
openings : 11 inches /

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


it's getting cold here in Iowa.. how bout your area ?

check out the cute & warm baby hats .. free Shipping on Cyber Monday on all items !

lisa lynn

Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Niece in a couple of my hats :-)

Hello :-)

Over the week end we had a chance to see some of my knitted hats in 'action' :-)
My hubby's sister , niece  & great niece came out for a spaghetti supper . First time we had seen baby Avery..
What a beautiful baby :_) long eyelashes & chubby cheeks _)

 I had given her a couple knitted hats.. So we had a chance to see them on her.
What a doll she is & seeing her in the Pink Tassel hat ..LOL .. too cute.. & the lace hat with the pink precious . :-) I'll get some pictures posted  later today .

The ladies were excited about the hot pads & the hats I have for sale.. (doesn't seem  the pixs here do  them justice )
They loved the newborn baby sweater I knit for my niece's baby, due in December..
it is a top down , angora in a soft brown . SO cute :-) I knit two hats to go with it , a small one & one a bit larger with ribs. 

I will get more listed today, so come back later to take a look :-)
God Bless.. Lisalynn

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recycled felted hot pads/ pot holders : free Shipping :_)


I am offering for sale a 100% wool Hot-pad/ pot holder.
100% recycled , with hand needle felting design. I love how the three colors of felting in the corners turned out. what do you think ?

size: 6 1/2 x 8 " .
Price: $4.00 plus $1.00 shipping. UPDATE :  FREE SHIPPING ON NOV. 28th ))
combine with another hotpad / pot holder for 1.00 off.. making it 2 for 7.00 :-)
I accept PayPal.
Since it is 100% wool , it can be either spot cleaned or hand washed .
the pictures just don't do them justice  !
Please comment below if you are interested in purchasing this item, or if you have any questions :-)


Offering a 100% recycled , Wool , Hot pad/ pot holder. 
I felted a sweater , cut to size & then hand needle felted Blue Dots on ;) I think they add just the right amount of 'cute' ..
due to the fact that it is 100% wool , it can be hand-washed or spot cleaned.
size : 7 3/4 x 6 1/4 "

Price : $ 4.00 plus 1.00 shipping. ( FREE Shipping NOV 28th !! ))
I accept paypal.

Please comment below if you are interested in purchasing it or have any questions.


A 100% recycled Hot Pad/ Pot holder :-)
I felted a sweater & then did Hand Felting to add interest.
I love how this one turned out with the 'bulls-eye" in the center & dots of felt on each corner:-)

Size : 7 12/ x 6 1/2 ".

Due to the fact that is it 100% wool. it can be spot cleaned OR hand washed.

Price : $ 4.00 Plus 1.00 shipping.
I accept Paypal.

comment below if you would like to purchase or have any questions .


This Hot pad/ pot holder is from a felted-Recycled sweater that I had.
I hand needle felted around with the wine color . 100% wool.
Size : 8 x 6 1/4 "
due to the fact that it is 100% wool.. :-) it must be spot cleaned or hand washed in cold water.

Price : $ 4.00 plus 1.00 shipping. 

please comment with your questions or to purchase . 
I accept Pay Pal.

My first item for sale is a "Tassel Blue" . a very soft , light blue hat..
Machine wash & dry .
3-6 months.
I think the tassels make it SO cute :-)
it is 6 inches in length.
5 1/2 inches at the opening Un-stretched.
& 9 inches stretched.
The cost is $  6.50 plus $ 2.00 shipping inside the USA. (( UPDATE FREE SHIPPING NOV 28th!)
Please comment below if you are interested or have any questions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally ! LOL

here is the new blog.. just for items I have for sale .

I will get the baby hats & all listed Thursday :-)