Tuesday, January 24, 2012

easy heel slippper sock pattern coming soon

I have been busy knitting. :-) big surprise ..
I knit a pretty easy kids hat & then went straight into knitting some wool/mix
slipper socks for my niece..
I searched & searched everywhere on line & couldn't find an EASY Heel for
a slipper sock Toe UP ..
actually I couldn't find an easy heel at all..

SO you know what they say.. Necessity is the mother of invention.
I found some great yarn from Yarn Bee in bulky .. the colorway is Ocean.
bright & comfy looking.
Since I had knit hubby slipper socks & made up the heel as I went I figured I
could do the same again, with one exception.. I'd write it down this time :-)
I think they turned out perfectly.
SO I will rewrite the pattern & make another pair to get the pattern straight.
you know how it is , YOU know what you are doing, but getting it written so
others can follow is another story.

off to shop now, for the church, not yarn :-(

hope everyone is well.

PS ck out my etsy page & look for free shipping offers :)

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