Thursday, February 2, 2012

Google Friend out ! now what ?

As many of you may have heard by now. Google is making some BIG privacy changes starting March 1st..
I am getting away from anything google :-)

one thing Google is deleting is Google Friend..
so , I deleted it off one blog & will soon off the other..

to follow your favorite bloggers , you will have to switch to RSS feed or follow by eml.

just a heads up :-)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wokring on poly buttons & knitting


How are you ?

I am making buttons for my kitchen towel , hangs on the stove handle :-)
& also knitting the wash cloth to go with it..
wanted to sell it on etsy , but mom wants to buy it for her sister's birthday .

I think I will make another set for etsy.. or mom. :-0
such pretty colors too.. pink, white , blue & green .. bright for a winter day .


Saturday, January 28, 2012

knittin' "Mason-Dixon KNitting Outside the Lines :-)

WOW, my hands hurt.LOL
I knit three  cotton towels that button over the oven handle .
The first one I knit according to the pattern in the Mason-Dixon book..
LOVE that book.. ck it out at the libr. & see if it's one you'd like to have in Your Libr.
I know I would ......(HINT for B-day ) I just knit it with yarn on hand .
Actually taken from Gracie's stash :-) SHHHHHHH..

My second one I chged it up a bit , co on fewer stitches & had to chge to a
an 8 towards the end. ( broke my 7 N ! Cotton does NOT stretch .. LOL..)
Casting on fewer stitches gave me a towel just about 2 inches smaller.
not sure I wanted it that much smaller.

SO on to towel three : (Red one )
co with size 8 N still 10 stitches less . which made the towel slightly larger
& only an inch or so smaller then the original.
In the original she knit stockenet & garter. I'm in too big a hurry , so knit every
stitch : garter .

Again, GREAT BOOK..:
 'Mason- Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines'.
certainly well worth your time :-) "with stories , true confessions & tricky bits".

Sorry for the poor pic , but you get the idea :-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

easy heel slippper sock pattern coming soon

I have been busy knitting. :-) big surprise ..
I knit a pretty easy kids hat & then went straight into knitting some wool/mix
slipper socks for my niece..
I searched & searched everywhere on line & couldn't find an EASY Heel for
a slipper sock Toe UP ..
actually I couldn't find an easy heel at all..

SO you know what they say.. Necessity is the mother of invention.
I found some great yarn from Yarn Bee in bulky .. the colorway is Ocean.
bright & comfy looking.
Since I had knit hubby slipper socks & made up the heel as I went I figured I
could do the same again, with one exception.. I'd write it down this time :-)
I think they turned out perfectly.
SO I will rewrite the pattern & make another pair to get the pattern straight.
you know how it is , YOU know what you are doing, but getting it written so
others can follow is another story.

off to shop now, for the church, not yarn :-(

hope everyone is well.

PS ck out my etsy page & look for free shipping offers :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

video casts I like


What a wonderful day !! the SUN is making it's beautiful appearance .. YEA !

I am sitting at the kitchen island/ table watching two video casts .. yea.. at the same time :-)
well , K, when one loads a bit  I watch the other one.

I wanted to share those with you today.
one is
great lady, very talented  ! I have learned a lot from her show, but I would LOVE for her to actually Spin with one of her Wheels on the show sometime.
as you may or may not know, my goal for 2012 is to make enough 'extra' money' so that I can buy my first spinning wheel :-)

also another show I like is :
this one is a pretty new one to me. I had forgotten about them until today when I ran across a link to their show from :
Simply notable offers some great free patterns & just an all around great blog, ck it out .

And I think I will knit these cute dolls. I have wanted to knit something for YEARS for our local hospital , so they has something to offer kids in the ER .. & or to the African charity also.
I'm sure a similar pattern can be found elsewhere.. but for now I will start with this one..  to see a picture. I know.. odd there isn't a pic ON the pattern page..

well enough from me for the day..
off to shower, knit & eat..