Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Niece in a couple of my hats :-)

Hello :-)

Over the week end we had a chance to see some of my knitted hats in 'action' :-)
My hubby's sister , niece  & great niece came out for a spaghetti supper . First time we had seen baby Avery..
What a beautiful baby :_) long eyelashes & chubby cheeks _)

 I had given her a couple knitted hats.. So we had a chance to see them on her.
What a doll she is & seeing her in the Pink Tassel hat ..LOL .. too cute.. & the lace hat with the pink precious . :-) I'll get some pictures posted  later today .

The ladies were excited about the hot pads & the hats I have for sale.. (doesn't seem  the pixs here do  them justice )
They loved the newborn baby sweater I knit for my niece's baby, due in December..
it is a top down , angora in a soft brown . SO cute :-) I knit two hats to go with it , a small one & one a bit larger with ribs. 

I will get more listed today, so come back later to take a look :-)
God Bless.. Lisalynn

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