Monday, November 28, 2011

angora lace shawl with beading


This was a labor of love.. it is the SOFTEST shawl you will ever wear. 
even tho it is super light, it stays on your shoulders nicely & is super warm.
(natural fibers always are :-)
the beading around the edges is done by hand after the shawl was completed. hand wash cool water.  air dry flat. 
The simple yet elegant shawl measures: 48 x 31 inches.
simply tho it on over a nice blouse or a t-shirt.. it makes anything you wear look marvelous :-)

light weight beading , adds SO much to the  shawl.

55.00 plus 2.00 shipping. 
FREE shipping Cyber Monday :-)
please contact me for more photos  or to purchase:-)

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